Cutest Cupcakes


cupcakes in japan are super hard to find.

but i’ve found the most cutest ones in shibs!

Hong Kong Love

wow. haven’t written in a while.

came back from hong kong yesterday.  ’twas a lovely trip.

hk skyline looks better than tokyo.  fucking hate to admit it tho.

Chicken Masala


Best Chicken Masala curry + nan that I’ve ever had in Tokyo.  Located within the uncrowded area of Shinjuku.


Shibuya JR Train Station



JR in Shibs runs like a mofo.  Train comes like every minute or so, which is really nice when you’re in a hurry like me, where you’re late at least 10 min on every date.


Linguini Love

My friend in Akasaka made some bombass linguini tonight!  Brought some wine with me and we finished a bottle of cabernet.  Damn good.

Scrumptious linguini + bestie since high school + yummy cabernet =

B I W I N N I N G   (duh!)

IKEA and a Shooting Star

I went to IKEA, and godDAMN were there lots of screaming kids!  WTF man?!  Take care of your damn kids, adults.

Anyway, IKEA was awesome, cheap as shit, bought some twinkly little lights, and I felt like I was in the states a little bit.

After IKEA, B.B. and I went to the more glamorous side of Yokohama.  And guess what I saw!  A fucking shooting star goddammit!!  For the 2nd fucking time!  The first time was when I was in Guam with B.B. and then the 2nd time was here in Yokohama with B.B.   Maybe I’m having his kids soon?  Cuz my mama done tole me that I was once a shootin’ star before her belly blew up nasty.

Bookstore in Shibuya

Love the books & the people that come in this store.

Disney Sea

  1. Disney Sea for the first time?  Excited.
  2. Waiting 1 hour for a 30 second ride on a goddamn weekday?  Infuriating.
  3. Seeing the Mickey/Minnie freaks with those ugly ass ear hats?  BLASPHEMY

Don’t think I’ll be going there again.